Navigation 2018 2020 modifier Le championnat du monde de Formule 1 2019 est la 70 e édition du championnat du monde de Formule 1 . FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX 2019 - RACE RESULT 29 31 Mar 2019 Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir. The 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix (formally known as the Formula 1 2018 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix) was a Formula One motor race that took place on 8 April 2018 at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain. [25] However, a fortnight before the race had been due to take place, the race was indefinitely postponed. Everything changed in the race as it rained heavily before the start, leading the race to have a standing start for the first time. [74] As a result, Lewis Hamilton won, Valtteri Bottas came second, and Charles Leclerc came home third for his first podium and Ferrari's first podium of the season. This makes 2019 the first time since 1959 that a bonus point gets awarded for setting the fastest lap. The Porsche Supercup has supported the 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 races. [15] In doing so, Red Bull Racing joined sister team Scuderia Toro Rosso in using Honda power after the latter joined the Japanese manufacturer in 2018. Bahrain's inaugural night event was won by Lewis Hamilton. After his 2010 triumph, Alonso became the first three-time winner. El Gran Premio de Baréin de 2019 fue la segunda carrera de la temporada 2019 de Fórmula 1.Se disputó los días 29, 30 y 31 de marzo en el Circuito Internacional de Baréin, Reino de Baréin [1] . Závod byl druhým v pořadí v sezóně 2019 šampionátu Formule 1 . [76], At the Spanish Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas dominated the entire qualifying session, finishing in first place each time, thus giving him his third consecutive pole of the 2019 season. At the Mexican Grand Prix, Hamilton won his tenth Grand Prix of the season, after a first-corner touch with Verstappen that saw them both crossing the grass at turn 2. Then comes a left-right kink before a tight hairpin returns the cars onto the main track. Qualifying 2 was red-flagged after Kevin Magnussen slammed into the Wall of Champions, which also affected some racers trying to improve their times. Thereafter, Vettel and Verstappen were battling for 3rd when Vettel misjudged his braking point at Vale corner and rammed into the back of Verstappen, resulting in a 10-second penalty, which led Vettel to finish behind the two Williamses. Leclerc took his fourth consecutive pole at the Russian Grand Prix, but at the start of the race, it was Vettel who led, contradicting a pre-race agreement that had been discussed. Mercedes successfully defended the World Constructors' Championship, securing the title for the sixth consecutive year at the Japanese Grand Prix to tie Ferrari's record from 1999 to 2004. [50], The Mexican and United States Grands Prix swapped places on the calendar so that the United States round follows the Mexican Grand Prix. In the race, Leclerc led away as Verstappen lost a few positions at the start. At the end of qualifying, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel won pole position ahead of Hamilton. [19], The 2012 Grand Prix reverted to using the 15-corner Grand Prix Circuit configuration last used in 2009, instead of the Endurance Circuit configuration used in 2010. [78], At the Canadian Grand Prix, free practice was eventful. In 2007 and 2008, Brazilian Felipe Massa won the race for Ferrari. GP précédent GP suivant modifier Le Grand Prix automobile de Bahreïn 2019 (Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2019), disputé le 31 mars 2019 sur le circuit international de Sakhir à Sakhir , est la 999 e épreuve du championnat du monde de Formule 1 courue depuis 1950 . Hamilton was summoned to the stewards' office for rejoining the track unsafely, forcing Red Bull's Max Verstappen off the track, but no penalty was issued. After Bottas, Hamilton, and Sebastian Vettel pitted for tyres, Charles Leclerc took the lead and led the race for a long time. [25] Daniil Kvyat rejoined Toro Rosso after last racing for the team in 2017. I feel very uncomfortable about going to Bahrain. Hülkenberg was on course to take his first ever podium before he crashed out. The race finished behind the safety car for the eighth time in F1 history. ", "Formula One 2012. Instead, they spray a non-alcoholic rosewater drink known as Waard.[8]. In the first practice session, George Russell's Williams made contact with a drain cover down the straight on the floor after Charles Leclerc, who was fastest in the session because it was suspended, also made contact with the drain cover but with his left front tyre. The 2019 championship also saw the running of the 1000th World Championship race, the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix.[1][2]. However, they tend to prevent sand getting onto the track and the circuit is regarded as one of the safest in the world. A consortium of human rights organizations led by the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (Bird) wrote to Formula One CEO, Chase Carey that the race in Bahrain became a focal point of protests in the country and human rights abuses carried out by Bahraini security against demonstrators. Sekä Hamilton että Mercedes uusivat mestaruutensa. Because of Typhoon Hagibis, all events for Saturday, with the exception of qualifying, were cancelled with qualifying instead being rescheduled to Sunday morning. Bahrains Grand Prix 2019, officiellt Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2019, var ett Formel 1-lopp som kördes 31 mars 2019 på Bahrain International Circuit i östaten Bahrain.Det var den andra av tjugoen deltävlingar ingående i Formel 1-säsongen 2019 och kördes över 57 varv. By the completion of the project, the circuit became the centre of motor sport in the Persian Gulf, as it held many other races such as drag races, GT races, Formula 3 races and the Australian V8 Supercar series. The chequered flag was waved a lap early, and though Sergio Perez of Racing Point crashed out, his 9th place standing was left intact as the results of the race were taken from lap 52. Kubica's return comes after an eight-year absence brought on by a near-fatal rally car crash in 2011 that left him with serious arm injuries. The changes were introduced to eliminate the advantage drivers with a naturally smaller body shape had over taller and heavier drivers and to discourage unhealthy diet and exercise regimes to improve performance. [32][33][34], Charles Leclerc left Sauber after one year with the team, replacing Kimi Räikkönen at Ferrari. Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz Jr. took their first podiums, finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. [36] He was partnered with Antonio Giovinazzi, who made two starts for Sauber when he replaced the injured Pascal Wehrlein in 2017. As Daniil Kvyat and Nico Hülkenberg ended the season with an identical number of points, a count-back system was used as a tie-breaker, with the driver's best result used to decide the standings. The next two practice sessions were all about Leclerc, being fastest in all three practice sessions. Vettel and Leclerc both locked out the front row for a Ferrari 1–2, with Bottas and Mercedes not far behind. Charles Leclerc, the favourite for pole, timed 2nd in the first session and was 5th in the second session, but crashed at turn 8 in the same session, locking up his tyres and missing the apex, going into the barrier. Formula BMW Asia has not supported the Bahrain Grand Prix since, but the first ever Formula BMW World Final was held in Bahrain. Among them are photographer Ahmed Humaidan, who was one of about 30 people jailed for roles in the 2012 protest,[20] and activist Najah Ahmed Yousif, who is in prison, and has been physically and sexually abused, for criticising the Bahrain F1 on social media. [8], The first race was in 2004. Sirotkin returned to Renault as a reserve driver. This page was last edited on 1 December 2020, at 11:59. This is hoped to aid fans in understanding the tyre compounds used at each round. Leclerc and Verstappen had a tangle at turn 2 on the opening lap, which saw Leclerc being given a five-second penalty; he was later given a ten-second penalty for driving in an unsafe condition after the collision. Der Frontflügel wird von 1800 auf 2000 mm verbreitert, außerdem wird der Aufbau vereinfacht. Kimi Räikkönen originally qualified ninth, but started from the pitlane after his car failed a front wing deflection test and joined Red Bull driver Gasly in starting in the pitlane as his teammate, Antonio Giovinazzi, received a ten-place grid penalty for using a third control electronic in his power unit and started 17th. The 2011 Grand Prix, due to be held on 13 March, was cancelled on 21 February due to the 2011 Bahraini protests[2] after drivers including Damon Hill and Mark Webber had protested. Bahrainin Grand Prix 2019 (virallisesti Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2019) oli Formula 1-kauden 2019 toinen osakilpailu, joka ajettiin 31. maaliskuuta Bahrainin moottoriradalla Sakhirissa Bahrainissa.. Mercedeksen Lewis Hamilton ajoi kilpailun voittoon ennen tallikaveriaan Valtteri Bottasta.Paalupaikalta lähtenyt Ferrarin Charles Leclerc oli teknisten ongelmien hidastamana kolmas. Verstappen was initially overtaken by Leclerc at the start but despite having minor engine issues, managed to repass him later on. [43], A collection of human rights groups, led by the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD), claimed that the Bahrain Grand Prix has become a focal point of popular protests and serious human rights abuses committed by Bahraini security forces against protesters. Drivers competed for the title of World Drivers' Champion, and teams for the title of World Constructors' Champion. Red Bull's Max Verstappen completed the podium. Leclerc won his first two career wins consecutively and within the timespan of one week, as Vettel and Verstappen endured two terrible weekends. Bahrainin Grand Prix 2018 (virallisesti Formula 1 2018 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix) oli Formula 1-kauden 2018 toinen osakilpailu, ja se ajettiin 8. huhtikuuta Bahrainin moottoriradalla Sakhirissa Bahrainissa.Kyseessä oli neljästoista kerta, kun Bahrainissa ajettiin F1-sarjan osakilpailu. It also promoted Pierre Gasly to a joint career-best finish of 4th. There were three safety car spells in the second half of the race, although the complexion of the Singapore circuit made the restarts uneventful up front as the top cars ran in formation. Hamilton also set the fastest lap on the final lap with the hardest tyre, which he ran for most of the race. The practice of using colours to identify the specific compound (such as pink for the hypersoft) will be discontinued, with white, yellow and red being used for the three compounds available for each race where white denoted the hardest available compound and red the softest. Es wurden mehrere neue Regeln im Bereich der Aerodynamik festgelegt. This enabled Bottas to finish second and slightly close up in the title race. [64][65], The FIA introduced a new standard for driver helmets with the intention of improving safety. [49], The following twenty-one Grands Prix were run as part of the 2019 World Championship. [2][12] On 3 June, FIA decided to reschedule the race for 30 October. Ferrari looked set to be the favourites for pole, having been fastest in every practice session, but both hit technical difficulties during qualifying, leaving Hamilton to take pole. [72] Verstappen's third place marked the first podium for a Honda powered car in over 10 years, last achieved at the 2008 British Grand Prix.[73]. [81], At the British Grand Prix, the newly resurfaced track surface caused plenty of eventful moments throughout the weekend, with Romain Grosjean crashing his car on the pit exit and Kimi Räikkönen's Alfa Romeo stopping on the Wellington straight, the latter of which brought out a red flag. جائزة البحرين الكبرى ‎) on Sakhirissa Bahrainissa ajettava Formula 1-sarjan osakilpailu.. Bahrainin Grand Prix ajettiin ensimmäisen kerran kaudella 2004.Kilpailu ajetaan Bahrain International Circuit-moottoriradalla.Radan pituus on 5,412 … [26] The race was rescheduled to 29 November and it will be one of two events held around the Bahrain International Circuit across two weekends, with the second race taking place on the outer layout and being named the Sakhir Grand Prix. Grand Prix Bahrajnu 2019, oficjalnie Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2019 – druga runda Mistrzostw Świata Formuły 1 w sezonie 2019.Grand Prix odbyło się w dniach 29–31 marca 2019 roku na torze Bahrain International Circuit w Sakhir.Wyścig wygrał Lewis Hamilton (), a na podium stanęli kolejno Valteri Bottas i Charles Leclerc () Two fastest lap points were not awarded this season as Kevin Magnussen and Valtteri Bottas set the fastest lap but did not classify within the top ten in Singapore and Brazil, respectively. [4]Charles Leclerc som tog karriärens första Pole position var snabbast i samtliga tre kvalrundor. This change was agreed to following concerns that drivers were being forced to lose dangerous amounts of weight in order to offset the additional weight of the post-2014 turbo-hybrid engines. Immediately after the end of the safety-car period, Ferrari teammates Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel collided on the back straight, causing both to retire. This saw Leclerc close up in the battle for third in the Drivers' Championship. [21] However, this agreement was later terminated on 9 September 2019, due to a series of off-track disputes between Haas and Rich Energy, and legal issues for Rich Energy. Hamilton then tried an overcut that did not work, limiting him to a fourth-place finish, as Mercedes were off the podium with both cars. The opening laps did provide for some battling between the two Mercedes drivers, but the safety car played a crucial role in the Mercedes battle when Giovinazzi became stuck in the gravel trap at the penultimate corner and Hamilton pitted under the safety car, whereas Bottas had already pitted a few laps earlier during open racing. As the race progressed, many drivers spun off or crashed, particularly at the final two turns of the track, where Nico Hülkenberg and Charles Leclerc ended their races. The front wing endplates were reshaped to alter the airflow across the car and reduce the effects of aerodynamic turbulence and winglets above the main plane of the front wing have been banned. finishes. [5], In that context, Anonymous launched on 21 April 2012 the operation opBahrain, threatening the Formula 1 representatives of a cyberattack in case they go on with Bahrain Grand Prix. Grand Prix Bahrajnu 2019 (oficiálně Formula 1 2019 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix) se jela na okruhu Bahrain International Circuit nedaleko města as-Sachír v Bahrajnu dne 31. března 2019. [6] In so doing it became the second Formula One night race after the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008. Gulf Cooperation Council citizens and residents, and nationals of 66 countries are eligible for visa on arrival in Bahrain throughout the year. Bottas of Mercedes finished first, Vettel of Ferrari finished second, and Hamilton finished third with Hamilton receiving the fastest lap point. The second race of the season was the Bahrain Grand Prix. At the end of the final lap, fifth-placed finisher Vettel set the fastest lap for a bonus point. Points were awarded to the top ten classified drivers and the driver who set the fastest lap.