Magnum: very few shots. Birkin is stronger than Mr.X.--- Kirinix Shadorel - Bounty Huntress of the Invicta Order --- We need to see what nemesis is in this game to make a fair comparison. About. Good condition for being over 22 years old. I'm looking at the G3 and G4 remake mutations of birkin against what we have seen of nemesis so far. William Birkin G3. Image details. William Birkin G3 & G4. Condition is New. Will carefully pack and ship in USA only. Boss: William Birkin (G3) William G3 has three eyeball weak points on his body. People remember Mr.X because he roams and he's a Tyrant. Resident Evil 2 G3/G4 and William Birkin/Sherry. The first form of William Birkin, codenamed “G”, appears when Leon or Claire arrives in the Underground Facility. Finland TCHC. Resident Evil 2 G3/G4 and William Birkin/Sherry figures new in box. 147 Views. in the OG games Birkin is by feats and lore superior due to the nature of the G-Virus. Capcom via Polygon. William Birkin G3 custom action figure from the Resident Evil series using Marvel select as the base, created by Creatoy_maker. 6 Favourites. On G3 I use this in conjunction of Acid Rounds, Flashbangs and magnum. DeviantArt - Homepage. The first encounter with William Birkin/G. Head to the Item Box — you can drop off the VHS and Signal Modulator. William Birkin, (G), Via Mutation. 0 Comments. William Birkin Vs. And what I see there is nemesis stands absolutely no chance without weapons. Usually only 1 needs to be shocked. Join the community to add your comment. This will be the first of three times you will be encountering William Birkin, the tougher of the Resident Evil … G3 - 3,000 pts of power G4 - 4,000 pts of power ... William Birkin injected the G-Virus into him and is the main event of Resident Evil 2. Figures have been sitting in storage with normal aging on the packaging. William Birkin AKA G – Stage 1. I either use it on G3 to hit his chest or I use it to quickly clean up zombies in the lab. Watch the Lab Digital Video Cassette and read William Birkin’s Inbox. WILLIAM BIRKIN WINS. Log In. William Birkin G2: Posted Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:14 am; QuickReply ; QuickQuote ; Reply ; Quote [+] Dice rolls; Markus Veijalainen . Already a deviant? Sparkshot: 1 or 2 shots when you get it to avoid the G mutants. 1751x1344px 2.5 MB. By Hyb1rd-1982 Watch. Now only G5 to go (and all the rest of the monsters...). Re: Painting process - Birkin G3 added! Any way you slice it the nemesis is screwed. Evolution 1. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Published: Aug 24, 2020. Comments 0. Nemesis; User Info: AceMos. Image size. They are on the lower left leg, the upper right shoulder and the around the middle portion of the back.