Check rates & book your stay at Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel! Some links throughout this site are affiliate links. Taking a Sicily road trip if driving makes you anxious, you’re out of practice, you don’t like to drive, or you’ve never driven outside your home country is likely not the best idea. SanVito Hostel — With excellent reviews, a prime location in Ragusa near Piazza San Giovanni, an included breakfast, and a gorgeous terrace offering panoramic views of the Val di Noto, SanVito Hostel is a phenomenal option for budget travelers during their Sicily road trip. We spent an entire week in Palermo and still weren’t ready to leave when it was over, but 2 days in Palermo will be enough to give you a taste of the major sights and start your 10 days in Sicily itinerary off on a great foot. In Trapani, take a stroll in the historic center on Via Garibaldi or Corso Italia. Day 13: After your first night in Palermo, go and see the Ballaro market to soak up the Sicilian flavors and atmosphere. You will find in particular the remains of the excavations carried out in Selinunte. Palermo is one of the two major airport hubs in Sicily (Catania is the other), and if you arrive to the island here, we recommend not picking up your rental car until you’re ready to head to. Beautiful, mysterious Sicily, with its looming volcano, sparkling azure waters, and hilltop villages, is one of those travel destinations that I have spent most of my life dreaming about. Book your boat cruise around Isola Bella today! Hotel Natalina — We had a great time at this little hotel! You can end the day in Castellamare with a stroll in the center and a swim. On a clear day, the views of Mount Etna from Taormina are fantastic–but there’s still nothing like standing on an active volcano with your own two feet. Soyons clairs, cette année, notre budget vacances n’était pas illimité mais nous avions décidé de ne partir qu’une fois et de profiter tout de même de ces quelques jours de bonheur qui nous étaient alloués. Pack a cell phone holder to attach to the car and you’ll be able to drive much more safely! Road trip de 10 jours en Sicile : que voir en sicile, quand partir en sicile. Boasting phenomenal views of both Mount Etna and the sparkling Ionian Sea, great swimming nearby, and an incredible Greek theatre, Taormina is hard not to love. Cefalù–it’ll save you both a bit of cash on your rental bill, and a bit of a headache, as you won’t have to worry about parking it. At the end of the article, I also give you some tips to know the best time to leave and the budget to provide for your stay. ), 75+ Essential Europe Travel Tips You Need to Hear, 33 Best Books About Italy: A Literary Guide, Honeymoon in Italy: How to Plan the Perfect Trip. Visit Ostuni And The Itria Valley: Top 10 Things To Do, 14, 15 or 16 days in South Sardinia – 2018, What to Do in Valletta: Top 10 Things to Do & 3 Days Itinerary – 2018, 1 Day in Palermo: Top 15 things to do 2018, Visit Madrid In 3 Days: Recommended Itinerary + Tips, Visit Bangkok In 3 Days: Recommended Itinerary + Tips, 3 Days in Santorini: Recommended Itinerary & Tips, Where To Stay In Santorini: The Best Hotels To Stay, Visit Malta: Top 20 Things to Do Before You Die, 110 € – with Easyjet – 2 suitcases in the cabin – no luggage in the hold – Arrival in Catania, 245 € – with Easyjet and a suitcase in the hold for 2 – Arrival in Palermo, 200 € – with Easyjet and a suitcase in the hold for 2 – Arrival in Catania, Rental car (via rentalcars with full protection). Here, I suggest an example of a road trip from Cataniato visit the east of the island by car for a week. You will pay tolls when driving in Sicily, especially in northern half of the island, so come prepared with a cupholder full of Euros. Additional Car Insurance — Whether you purchase a policy with World Nomads that covers car rental (only some of theirs do, so double-check! In the destinations covered on this Sicily road trip itinerary, you won’t run into many people (especially those who work with or near tourists) who don’t comfortably speak Italian–but if you stop off in smaller towns along the way, you’ll start to hear (and even see, on menus and such) more and more dialect. Have you decided to go on a road trip in Sicily ? If the rental desk suggests an upgrade? It’s also home to some very unique touches, like a sundial on the floor marked with zodiac signs and an inscription from the Quran on one of the columns near the entrance–both highly unusual for a Catholic church! Pour la première étape de ce road trip en Sicile on commence fort avec Palerme. On the 9th day of your road trip in Sicily, go to the nearest islands of Trapani: the Egadi Islands . Vulcano, one of the Aeolian Islands, is a must-visit on your trip to Sicily. As an Amazon Associate, Lone Star Travel Guide earns from qualifying purchases. Check rates & book your stay at SanVito Hostel! Sweet Home Cefalù — Located practically next door to Cefalù’s beach and complete with both a balcony and a small kitchen, Sweet Home Cefalù gets rave reviews and is the perfect option for budget travelers in Cefalù. There are several good reasons for this: If you want to do a Road Trip of 5 days or less in Sicily, I recommend you read my article: Visit Sicily in 1, 2 or 3 days – the best routes. Truly, renting a big car in Sicily is a liability, not a benefit. Which airport to choose to start a road trip in Sicily? Amenities, transportation, guide are included, which is really convenient. You will be so close to the archaeological park of Néapolis , your activity of the afternoon! Si vous avez la chance de faire un road trip de trois semaines en Sicile, vous allez pouvoir vous faire plaisir et prendre … We recommend shopping through Discover Cars in order to search through multiple companies at once. En même temps l'Italie pour les vacances c'est une vraie valeur sûre : de belles plages, du soleil (beaucoup de soleil), plein de visites à faire, et une cuisine riche et savoureuse. Scopello is the ideal base for visiting the Zingaro Nature Reserve , one of the most famous on the island. Do you want to be able to do plenty of sightseeing without driving? Luckily, Sicily is characterized by its brilliant weather that allows for swimming over nearly half the year! Also sometimes called the Lipari Islands, this stunning volcanic island chain is a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts some of the most magnificent sea views in all of Sicily (which is, as you can imagine, very high praise). The views of Ragusa Ilba looking down from Ragusa Superiore may just be some of the best views in this entire Sicily itinerary, which is really saying something! In Taormina , it is the historic center that is worth seeing. It is a 1-hour drivefrom Taormina to Syracuse. If you visit Sicily by car in 21 days, I advise you to resume our example of road trip of 15 days and add a few days to explore the Aeolian Islands. Taking a Palermo food and walking tour on one of the first days of your Sicily travels is an excellent way to orient yourself both to the city and to the island as a whole. Je ne vais pas vous mentir le blog nous offre de belles opportunités et j’ai un frère et des amis un peu partout en France ! Day 7: For the last day of your 7-day car tour , visit one of the most beautiful villages in Sicily: Castelmola . Travel Adaptors for Sicily — If you’re coming from outside of Europe, you’ll definitely need adaptors for your electronics. Of course, you will not be safe from the cold or a few showers, but this is the case all over Europe at these times. The 2 main airports where you can land in Sicily are those of Palermo and Catania . Check rates & book your stay at Hotel Continental! Continue by the Manicace Castello and admire the sunset towards the Aretusa Fountain. Parking is severely restricted on the island of Ortigia, and on our Sicily road trip we ended up driving in circles for a bit trying to find the right place to leave our car. tout savoir avant de partir en Sicile. Syracuse’s Greek Theatre is one of its most popular attractions, however, it’s completely across town from Ortigia. It combines the other 2 circuits by car that I told you just above, with some small adjustments to optimize travel. From the 17th to the 19th century in Palermo, increasing numbers of people were mummified in these catacombs–first naturally, and later intentionally, preserving them for all eternity. In Erice you will find a medieval castle   and ramparts offering a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Bear in mind that we are coming at this from the perspective of people who drove daily for nearly a decade and have road-tripped through many countries, including Italy, before. Partir en Sicile avec Voyage Privé. Our Sicily road trip itinerary is designed to hit all the best spots on the island for first-timers to visit, allowing you to get a taste of many different parts of Sicily: complicated yet lovely Palermo, beautiful beaches, and hilltop villages are all covered, as well as some of the most popular cities in Sicily. The capital of Sicily is known for being a bit of a rundown place–and though in some ways it is, it’s also a beautiful, laid-back, and endlessly engrossing city. The Baroque churches of the Middles Ages in Sicily … The 2 week road trip to Sicily that I propose is from Catania. Learn from our mistakes and plan carefully beforehand! La Sicile n'est pas si petite que ça ! The major roads in Sicily are perfectly well maintained–smaller roads, not so much, so beware of potholes. Dating to the 6th century BCE, the temple has served a whole host of functions over the centuries, including acting as a temple to both Apollo and Artemis, as a church (more than once), and as a mosque. On the road, do not miss the beach of Heraclea Minoa for the swimming break and the city of Sciacca to do some sightseeing. Located on the far edge of Ortigia, this citadel-slash-castle dates to the 13th century (an earlier castle on the site dated to the 11th) and boasts beautiful views over the Ionian Sea. Sicily was made for road tripping: with plenty of wide-open spaces, beautiful natural spots, and tiny towns worth visiting, there are few places in Italy more worthy of hitting the open road than Sicily. La compagnie aérienne low cost Volotea vient d’ouvrir un vol direct Bordeaux-Palerme.La Sicile est donc désormais à moins de 3 heures de l’Aquitaine…une … Turn it down. And if you have already read a few articles, you know that my “ice cream” budget is quite substantial! We squeezed a quick visit to Cefalù into one day, but this magnificent seaside town captured our hearts and absolutely deserves more time than that–as we strolled the streets of Cefalù, we fantasized about one day returning here for a month! The afternoon program will be reserved for visiting the Archaeological Park of Selinunte. Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and ideally, complete this climb in the morning or early evening–the midday sun is brutal up here! Today (5th day) your road trip to the West of Sicily, takes you to Selinonte . Unless you are very confident with one, we recommend paying extra for an automatic transmission. You can admire the 8 temples of this renowned archaeological site of Sicily. No photos are allowed inside, but I can’t impress enough the creepiness of this place–I think it has something to do with the fact that these people are preserved as themselves that adds an extra layer of disturbing to it all, as opposed to places like the catacombs of Paris where the bones are more or less repurposed into artwork using human remains. The beautiful town of Modica is world-famous for its chocolate, which boasts a recipe that originally hails from none other than the Aztecs. Travel Insurance — We don’t ever suggest traveling without travel insurance–anything can happen, and a fast-paced Sicily road trip is definitely better a case of safe than sorry. Food in Sicily One of my Favorite parts about Sicily … As much as Sicily has a reputation for being its own world, particularly when it comes to driving, driving in Sicily felt pretty much like driving anywhere else in Italy (which is, admittedly, a harder place to drive than some). It’s beautiful, easy to get lost in, and delightfully fun to explore on foot, making it the perfect place to stay in Syracuse. In the morning, take a walkalong the bike path from Piazza dei Cappuccini . July and August are peak tourism season in Sicily, and while the beaches will be warm and the sun shining, it’s best to avoid taking your Sicily road trip during those months if you hope to avoid peak crowds and prices. Road Trip en Sicile : Louer une voiture en Sicile Le meilleur moyen de visiter la Sicile est, bien entendu, d’opter pour la location d’un véhicule. Take the hike that connects the 2 entrances of the reserve, from South to North and return to your starting point. Price Sicily rental cars with Discover Cars today! It is sure that sometimes, we could not do otherwise but at that moment nothing exceeded the trunk or we parked in guarded parking. Une vraie … Palermo is one of the two major airport hubs in Sicily (Catania is the other), and if you arrive to the island here, we recommend not picking up your rental car until you’re ready to head to Cefalù–it’ll save you both a bit of cash on your rental bill, and a bit of a headache, as you won’t have to worry about parking it. Who says road trip, necessarily says car rental! Then go to the Gorges de l’Alcantara. Alors, embarquez dans un vol pour la Sicile. To visit it, the best way is to rent a bike on arrival and go around during the day , taking breaks swimming in the coves. In the afternoon, head to Monreale by car to visit its cathedral, recognized throughout the world for its splendid mosaics gilded with fine gold. Plan stop swimming in the creeks! There are dozens of rental car companies operating in Sicily, all with their own prices and rental agreements. Notre guide pratique. This is the biggest reason not to kick off your Sicily road trip until after to leave Palermo: here, a car is a liability but doesn’t really add much of a benefit. Then, climb the stairs to the Madonna della Rocca sanctuary to admire the panorama. Personally, we’d recommend aiming for a September or early October trip to Sicily if you hope to swim your heart out, and a late April or May trip if you want to avoid the worst of the heat and crowds while still thawing out after a long winter. All Rights Reserved, Sicily Road Trip: The Best Routes For 5, 7, 10, 15 And 21 Days. The next day (3rd day) , continuation of this road trip in Sicily of 10 days descending towards the South and Agrigento .